US Army Combatives

7-3 Execution


When removing a sentry, the soldier uses his stalking skills to approach the enemy undetected. He must use all available concealment and keep his silhouette as low as possible.

  • a. When stepping, the soldier places the ball of his lead foot down first and checks for stability and silence of the surface to be crossed. He then lightly touches the heel of his lead foot. Next, he transfers his body weight to his lead foot by shifting his body forward in a relaxed manner. With the weight on the lead foot, he can bring his rear foot forward in a similar manner.
  • b. When approaching the sentry, the soldier synchronizes his steps and movement with the enemy’s, masking any sounds. He also uses background noises to mask his sounds. He can even follow the sentry through locked doors this way. He is always ready to strike immediately if he is discovered. He focuses his attention on the sentry’s head since that is where the sentry generates all of his movement and attention. However, it is important not to stare at the enemy because he may sense the stalker’s presence through a sixth sense. He focuses on the sentry’s movements with his peripheral vision. He gets to within 3 or 4 feet and at the proper moment makes the kill as quickly and silently as possible.
  • c. The attacker’s primary focus is to summon all of his mental and physical power to suddenly explode onto the target. He maintains an attitude of complete confidence throughout the execution. He must control fear and hesitation because one instant of hesitation could cause his defeat and compromise the entire mission.

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