US Army Combatives

7-1 Planning Considerations


A detailed schematic of the layout of the area guarded by sentries must be available. Mark known and suspected locations of all sentries. It will be necessary-

  • a. To learn the schedule for the changing of the guards and the checking of the posts.
  • b. To learn the guard’s meal times. It may be best to attack a sentry soon after he has eaten when his guard is lowered. Another good time to attack the sentry is when he is going to the latrine.
  • c. To post continuous security.
  • d. To develop a contingency plan.
  • e. To plan infiltration and exfiltration routes.
  • f. To carefully select personnel to accomplish the task.
  • g. To carry the least equipment necessary to accomplish the mission because silence, stealth, and ease of movement are essential.
  • h. To conceal or dispose of killed sentries.

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