US Army Combatives

5-7 Advanced Weapons Techniques and Training


For advanced training in weapons techniques, training partners should have the same skill level. Attackers can execute attacks along multiple angles of attack in combinations. The attacker must attack with a speed that offers the defender a challenge, but does not overwhelm him. It should not be a contest to see who can win, but a training exercise for both individuals.

  • a. Continued training in weapons techniques will lead to the partners’ ability to engage in free-response fighting or sparring that is, the individuals become adept enough to understand the principles of weapons attacks, defense, and movements so they can respond freely when attacking or defending from any angle.
  • b. Instructors must closely monitor training partners to ensure that the speed and control of the individuals does not become dangerous during advanced training practice. Proper eye protection and padding should be used, when applicable. The instructor should stress the golden rule in free-response fighting—Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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