US Army Combatives

2-04 Unit Sustainment Training Program


Unit combative training is best done at company and platoon level. It is difficult for commanders to find time to conduct hand-to-hand combat training in typical training schedules. Combative training can be conducted during the times allotted for unit physical readiness training. Most units have at least one day a week when organized athletics are conducted for PT; this is a good time to train in hand-to-hand combat.

a. When the unit begins combative training, it starts with the basic training/OSUT program. After each soldier in the unit has attained the same basic skill level, the training can then progress to more advanced techniques and drills. If conducted once a week, this program takes 10 weeks to complete. A typical progression might be as follows:

Defense and counters against weapons: 3 hours Field-expedient weapons: 3 hours. Sentry removal, silent kills, and quick kills: 2 hours. Advanced knife drills: 3 hours.

b. Once the unit has basic proficiency of the topics in Chapters 3 through 7, the commanders can easily plan future combative training. Unit trainers will know where emphasis should be placed in the unit’s hand-to-hand training, and they can also create more advanced training exercises and drills based on soldier skill levels.

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